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Choosing the right door to optimize your home.

Because you want to optimize the security of your apartment or the security of your house, it's clever to opt for the right lock. But not
always to find the right lock will be an easy task, sometimes can be even a
real obstacle course. So, if you want to get the better system that keeps your on
a tamper-proof and will be of course a resistant system against the various
attempts of burglary, then you must follow those criteria and please remember the
day you buy a new lock.

The certification

It's important to have a certified model than to replace any old lock with an uncertified model, that’s the reason that a good locksmith
always will advise to purchase just the models of locks with the A2P
certification. Because the locks that you buy for the security of your home
needs to meet the European standards for safety. Do not be shy to ask in the
shop when you acquire a lock if meets the certified standards of the of the
approved mutual insurance companies.

The number of stars

When you really think that it’s important for your security to have a lock of high quality, you must respect some levels of minimum security, ranging
from the lock with a star, two stars and three stars etc. Does mean if you acquire
a lock with three stars maybe the price of the lock will increase, however also
the security that you create for your home will increase.

Closing points

When you deal with conventional doors, you must acquire a lock from three points too, because your target will be to have an optimal resistant.
On the other hand, your choice of a good lock will depend from the high of your
door, for instance when your door is more than two meters high, consider
choosing a lock that at least has seven points. We advise you always to choose
the best protection that to think just to buy a cheap lock.

The reversible key

With a key that is able to be reversed, in particular. Sometimes you can have some troubles getting your key
correctly inside the lock in comparison with an irreversible key, but we can
have some advantages with those kinds of keys because the teeth are symmetrical on both sides and can be useful for you when

You get home at night and you have just a poor lit that doesn't give you to see well the lock to open, this model will be perfect for you
because it's visually impaired, for this reason, we advise always to buy those
kind of locks.

The number of cannons

For the best security of your property check often the number of barrels in the lock, because when you choose a lock you have the
choice between a single lock or a double lock with barrels, never opt for the
lock single, because in this case with a simple key we can succeed to open the
door at your home which it’s not the case with a lock with double barrels. To
let you understand the latter is equipped with a key that gives to the owner
the best security that opens and closes the top cylinder of the lock and having

The latter is equipped with the so-called key that's opens and closes the top cylinder.

With this tutorial of securing your home with the best lock, I think you will consider having the optimal guarantee at home. Always follow these few details if you want to find the right lock among those on the market.


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